The world’s largest meetings database

Insightmeme™ continuously monitors over 22,000 scientific meetings globally and adds over 1.87 million abstracts each year - up to 6 x more than other providers

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More science, earlier

Easy access to vastly more meeting abstracts, with 50% of them available before the event. Stay on top of the science and discover new KOLs and rising stars ahead of your competition

Superior global data

Whatever the geographical region or therapeutic area, we have the largest collection of meetings abstracts, from international and national congress to local meetings and hospital grand rounds.

  • 22,000

    scientific meetings tracked annually

  • 1.87m

    meeting abstracts uploaded per year 6 x that of other providers

  • 26

    different sources beyond

Key benefits

With 63% of abstracts never becoming a full publication, access to the most complete scientific meeting data set is key

  • Real world evidence

    The world’s richest source for real-world evidence dissemination

  • Constantly updated

    International congresses to local meetings, updated daily

  • Personalized alerts

    Stay up to date on your product and your competitors. Know where the activity is, and act immediately


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We deliver global data and analytics with tools that are comprehensive, credible and compliant

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