VP, Medical Affairs Strategy

Dr. Laudano is responsible for the development of Medical Affairs strategies in support of Pharmaspectra’s overall goals and objectives. In addition, he works with the leadership team to create new processes and applications which will maximize the utility of Pharmaspectra’s massive scientific database.

Dr. Laudano, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the pharma industry, was previously with Alliqua Biomedical where he was Vice President of Medical Affairs and responsible for all Medical Affairs activities including post-marketing clinical trials, publication planning and execution, medical and scientific inquiries, medical review of promotional materials and the development of medical and scientific databases.

Key positions that Dr. Laudano has held in the past include four years as Senior Director of Medical Affairs at Forest Research Institute and 20 years at Roche Laboratories in Medical Affairs and Marketing in various positions. He has extensive experience in several different therapeutic areas including infectious diseases, dermatology and oncology and has authored numerous publications and scientific posters.

Knowing What You Don’t Know

You Don't Know What You Don't know is a common phrase in Pharma, however, letting data give you a full picture is one way to know what you don't know
Knowing What You Don’t Know

Strategic Metrics Dedicated to Medical Affairs

Metrics that bridge the gap to Medical Affairs 2.0-Historically, decisions for the generation and placement of Medical Affairs data were based on experience and instinct simply because hard, objective information was not available and end-to-end metrics for evaluation simply did not exist. Medical Affairs is in the process of evolving from a traditional support role into a more strategic one that requires a dedicated set of data and analytics
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