MSL Journal – Optimizing Expert Identification and Engagement to Improve Rare Disease Outcomes

Pharmaspectra, an IQVIA business’s VP of Medical Affairs, Joseph Laudano, and Chief Medical Officer, David Kelaher, together with Nikky Oladunmoye, Medical Affairs Scientist Rare Disease, Pfizer, and biotech writer Gail Dutton, have co-authored an article which is featured in the summer 2023 issue of the MSL Journal.

‘Optimizing Expert Identification and Engagement to Improve Rare Disease Outcomes’ outlines the challenges in identifying rare disease experts, the new ways to diagnose rare diseases that are on the horizon, and details what can be done today to widen the potential field of rare disease specialists and enhance engagement. This includes a step-by-step, targeted approach that ultimately reveals many more potential clinicians who may have the relevant medical experience in a particular rare disease.

“This approach enables Medical Affairs to reach out to physicians who probably treat the disease areas of interest,” explains Joseph Laudano. “To paraphrase a quote from “The Great One,” Wayne Gretzky, it helps MAs “skate to where the puck will be, rather than where it has been.”

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L-R: Joseph Laudano, David Kelaher, Nikky Oladunmoye, Gail Dutton.