MSL Journal – Pharmaspectra’s Joseph Laudano discusses the use of analytics to measure the impact of engagement activities

In the fall 2021 issue of the MSL Journal, Pharmaspectra’s VP of Medical Affairs Joseph Laudano  outlines how MSLs can leverage analytics such as Share of Scientific Voice™ to identify and engage leading experts across key medical imperatives, gain insights to optimize planning and measure the impact of their activities.

This  article, co-authored with Biomedical writer, Gail Dutton, ‘Leveraging Medical Affairs Analytics to Enhance Engagement and Demonstrate Value,’ addresses some key questions within Medical Affairs, including ‘How can we determine we’re connecting with the right audiences? How can we identify the right individuals to work with to help effect change?’

“To begin with, analyzing your engagement patterns is a good place to start,” says Joe, and goes on to highlight how Pharmaspectra developed a gap analysis for one of its clients to analyze interactions with 50 of its experts.

“Share of Scientific Voice™ enabled us to establish that this client was expending significant energy and resources for low potential engagement and not enough for high potential engagement. By doing so, they were missing opportunities to connect with the experts who may have greater influence and, therefore, the ability to engage them on their imperatives and help make a difference,” explains Joe.

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