Pharmaspectra’s global meetings coverage

Note about the search string used to pull this data

Search was performed with a match to Type 2 Diabetes, there are numerous abstracts that just refer to Type 2 Diabetes as Diabetes, however,  if it is not clearly stated as Type 2 or hold other key attributes, the data was not pulled for the demonstration below.

The number of meetings and abstracts for Type 2 Diabetes has been on the rise over the past ten years. While both have experienced growth, the number of meetings has grown at a faster rate than abstracts. Meaning there are a lot more meetings discussing this topic, making it difficult for you to cover everything.

These meetings are happening throughout the year and all over the world. Europe and North America are still the most active in covering Type 2 Diabetes. While North America has fewer meetings than Europe, they are producing more abstracts. This could mean a number of things, one thing being North America has more meetings that have are higher emphasis on Type 2 Diabetes.

While your focus may be covering meetings in Europe and North America, over the last 10 years, you will see South America and Asia had the highest growth rate in meetings covering Type 2 Diabetes. South America had 491% more meetings than it did 10 years ago and Asia had 156%.

Access to past information is valuable for learning the science and identifying trends, however, we can also provide information about meetings that are coming up. Over the next three months Europe will have the most conferences covering Type 2 Diabetes, while North America and Asia are closely tied for second.