Top 5 pharma doubles its Medical Affairs impact and saves 120 hours per MSL per year with Share of Scientific Voice™

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In a context of increasing and intense competition, a top five pharma German Medical Affairs team aimed to increase their impact by through higher value in scientific exchange and strategic activities. 

From an initial analysis of the scientific data and their activities across KOLs, it was clear the team had not been engaging with, or prioritizing several key leaders in their indication — they needed to adopt a data-driven strategy for engagement, decision-making and measurement.

Strategic KOL identification with the world’s largest scientific data set

The team engaged Pharmaspectra, an IQVIA business, to develop a targeted search strategy to apply to the world’s largest data set of scientific disseminations (see figure 1 below). The objective was to find the true leaders for each strategic imperative to ensure that the cross-functional team could engage, with greater accuracy, the KOLs and broader stakeholders in most relevant and impactful activities.

Following a proven process of baseline measurement for product, competitor and KOL Share of Scientific Voice (SoSV), and assessing performance of previous launches, pre-launch and across the lifecycle, the team was able to set precise, meaningful and realistic KPIs for their KOL engagement activities.

By identifying the most strategically-relevant KOLs, and using the granular profiles provided, the team built a more precise engagement plan, identified un-engaged key leaders, and continuously tracked impact, and refined the strategy and engagement plan as needed.

This led to improved MSL confidence and efficiency, reflected by:

  • MSLs knowing the interests of experts due to more robust preparation
  • 120 hours-a-year saved on preparation time per MSL
  • An increase in scientific commitment by KOLs due to MSLs spending 30-50% less time on exploring interests during KOL interactions

The Medical Affairs team was able to DOUBLE its impact over a two-year period.

  • At project start, the team’s SoSV in the indication was 31%. 
  • Through better understanding of the experts and their interests, planning and decision-making was improved, enabling more innovative activities and faster implementation. 
  • This led to an increase in SoSV to 46% at the end of year 1, and 60% at the end of year 2.

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