How Pharmaspectra’s scientific Centers of Excellence (CoE) analysis can transform your strategy

The most comprehensive and accurate CoE identification keeps you closer to the latest scientific developments, advances in patient management and clinical leaders in your indication.

Whether your company is launching a product in a therapeutic area (TA) for the first time, or you have long-term experience, Pharmaspectra’s CoE report enables you to monitor clinical leaders and their science, but it also ensures precise territory planning for MSLs and more strategic engagement. In addition, it will help you to identify sites for clinical trials, find key patient catchment areas, and understand patient journeys, resulting in a more in-depth understanding of your TA landscape.

“Working from a complete and up-to-date data set is essential when identifying the Centers of Excellence in your therapeutic area,” explains Pharmaspectra’s Chief Medical Officer, David Kelaher.  

In brief, key process steps for Pharmaspectra’s CoE analysis involve an identification of the full landscape of scientific contributors and their centers using our uniquely large data set with sources not available through other providers, and integrates ‘designated’ clinical centers of excellence, including those recognized in certain TAs, such as rare disease.

The CoE report inclusions, summarized in the diagram below, cover the full landscape of relevant scientific contributors, along with COEs and their scientific contributions, and a summary of top KOLs for each. Combined with features such as a CoE map, representation of influence networks, and evolution of scientific leadership over time, our CoE report ensures you have the complete picture for your TA to enable improved planning and decision-making.

“The report ensures that you not only gain a full CoE landscape, but a precise and detailed analysis of each center and their scientific leaders” adds David Kelaher

How our scientific data lake is significantly larger than other providers

  • We capture data in all diseases in all parts of the world all the time
  • We track 22,000 scientific meetings annually
  • We upload 1.5 million meeting abstracts per year (4-6 x that of other providers)
  • With 26 different sources, we provide 25% more trial data than

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