Medmeme rebrands products

Medmeme rebrands products to emphasise value
across entire Medical Affairs community

Medmeme, which is home to the world’s most comprehensive, continuously updated and integrated online repository of disseminated medical & scientific information, has rebranded its products.

The products, which were originally named after Medical Affairs departments, have been changed to reflect the wider role they now play in providing valuable global data and analytics across the entire Medical Affairs community.

Profilememe and the Field Medical solution, which provide the most up-to-date and complete profiles for scientific experts together with the analytics required to make important decisions, will be renamed LINK.

The new name reflects Medical Affairs ability to now link with the right scientific expert for the right endeavors and gathers a wealth of information about them, such as where they rank among their peers and their key areas of focus in a therapeutic area.

This constantly updated information can reduce meeting preparation times by up to 75 percent for Medical Affairs departments, and leads to more productive and informed engagement with the right experts.

SciComm, which helps clients to better navigate thousands of medical information outlets and unlock their knowledge by connecting and contextualizing information, is now called Compass.

The new name reflects the product’s valuable role in helping Medical Affairs professionals to navigate the ‘What, Where, When and Who’, of scientific dissemination. For example, it can map and guide them through the landscape of a specific therapeutic area by meetings, publications, authors, and institutions.

It can also help users understand the impact of their efforts by measuring ‘Share of Scientific Voice’, which shows how a company’s level of scientific dissemination around a drug compares to its competitors.

Mahesh Naithani, who founded Medmeme more than a decade ago, said: “It has become increasingly evident that our products do far more than service the needs of any specific Medical Affairs team.

“Consequently, we have decided to make these brand name changes in order to better reflect the value that our products are offering across the entire Medical Affairs community.”

Medmeme will soon be complementing its offering with another product called Focus which provides Chief Medical Officers and Medical Affairs leaders with a dashboard of information and analysis on issues relevant to their therapeutic area.