Never gonna give you up

Left High and Dry by Other Scientific Expert Data Providers?

One thing that data providers are quickly finding out is that maintaining complete, compliant and updated information on Scientific Experts is hard, especially at an enterprise level for a Medical Affairs organization.

Medmeme is dedicated to the Medical Affairs community and has been collecting, normalizing and disambiguating global data continuously for over a decade.  Data including grants, patents, clinical trials, presentations, publications and treatment guidelines are connected to showcase all the activities of your chosen Scientific Experts.

Many technology providers are good at delivering the framework for enterprise data sharing, but it takes a true data company with years of experience to provide the quality and scalability necessary to fuel your global MSL organizations.

With Medmeme, information overload is overcome by powerful analytics that align information to contextually relevant insights through unbiased ranking, currency and network mapping.

Integrating into your existing CRM or Master Data Management solutions is never a problem. Medmeme is CRM agnostic and is there to provide support to your IT representatives throughout the process.

Because unlike other providers, Medmeme will never let you down.