Pharmaspectra appoints new CEO to drive growth of its unique data and insight tools

New CEO, Jez Moulding, formerly of Sanofi and UDG/Ashfield Healthcare 

To meet the need for accurate, current, and comprehensive data, Pharmaspectra is expanding its solutions for professionals throughout the pharmaceutical spectrum, from drug discovery through post-marketing. Pharmaspectra builds on its heritage, originally as Medmeme, of providing timely, high-quality data that helps pharmaceutical companies form the insights that help them achieve their goals sooner.

To guide the company in this new direction, Pharmaspectra has appointed Jez Moulding, former Sanofi SVP North America Region Head & Country Chair, Diabetes & Cardiovascular BU and more recently UDG Healthcare Group Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Ashfield as the new Chief Executive Officer.

While Pharmaspectra will continue to deliver and support existing and legacy offerings, the new objective expands beyond Medical Affairs to solutions across the pharmaceutical industry. The new mission focuses on driving efficiencies and speeding time-to-market to help clients improve patient outcomes.

To that end, Pharmaspectra’s medical science database is centralized to ensure that all departments are working from the same, up-to-date data. Continually refreshed and expanded, the database currently houses 16 million meeting presentations, 28 million publication abstracts, 417,000 clinical trials results, 1.5 million grants, 9 million patents, 98,000 treatment guidelines and 300,000 labels. Therefore, the Pharmaspectra database mirrors the complete drug development process to help professionals throughout the industry make sense of the constantly changing scientific ecosystem.

Pharmaspectra will be led by newly appointed CEO Jez Moulding, who has spent over 25 years working in pharma in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa. As Mahesh Naithani, founder of Pharmaspectra, said, “With Jez’s wealth of international experience in pharma, he knows first-hand what tools Medical Affairs and related professionals need, and how Pharmaspectra’s unique offerings can transform their businesses.

“Jez’s expertise will be invaluable in helping us ensure that Pharmaspectra’s suite of data and insight tools – from drug discovery through to post-marketing – are the solutions of choice for the pharma industry across the world,” Naithani continued.

Jez joined the company from UDG Healthcare, where he was Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Ashfield, responsible for the global division. Prior to that, Jez spent 18 years at Sanofi, holding senior leadership positions in the US, Japan, Australia, Korea, South Africa, France and the UK. During his time at Sanofi, he was responsible for regional and general management, supporting the launch of 10 new drugs across various therapeutic areas. Before joining Sanofi, Jez held a variety of positions at Astra Pharmaceuticals and Winchester Pharmaceuticals in the UK.

Those experiences well-position Jez to lead Pharmaspectra in its new direction. “One key issue I’ve observed is that pharma and biotech companies need to make much more informed decisions based on the most accurate data,” Jez said.

“While there is a plethora of data and tools to measure the commercial side of pharma, there is a gap on the medical side,” he added. “Pharmaspectra fills this very real and unmet need by providing the most accurate data and the right tools to help professionals make their best decisions. Now, we are actively responding to similar needs across the entire industry with our unique data and new solutions. I am, therefore, very pleased to be appointed CEO and to be able to take our data-led solutions to new customers across the world.”

About Pharmaspectra

Pharmaspectra is home to the world’s most comprehensive, continuously updated and integrated online repository of disseminated medical science information. This includes 16 million meeting presentations, 28 million publication abstracts and 417,000 clinical trials results.

The company translates this data into actionable information that is used across the pharmaceutical sector. Its insights are most highly valued in respect to medical affairs, field medical activities, scientific communication, global R&D and commercial launches.