Press: Pharmaspectra’s Christian Schweiger in this month’s Pharmafield

Pharmaspectra’s Christian Schweiger shares how MSLs and Sales can work closer when engaging with experts and building out communication messages.

“The ultimate goal of any interaction is to provide valuable information and create a long-term relationship built upon scientific credibility.”

Synergies between MSLs and Sales will provide better access to up-to-date and real-time data. Which lead to precise and relevant expert identification based on their most current work. Strategic messaging due to insight on what is being said about their drug versus their competitors. Quicker feedback to the experts when they have a question about the therapy or drug during a sales meeting.

“The ability to construct a rounded view of a KOL – from their area of expertise to what they are writing or saying about a specific drug or therapy area in real time – can transform the way that sales teams engage with customers and enable them to make the most of every interaction.”

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