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Achieve scientific leadership, with the world’s largest scientific data lake of traditional and digital sources and unique Share of Scientific Voice measurement

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Superior data and analytics power a set of game-changing solutions that maximize your resources and impact

  • Medical Executives

  • Field Medical

  • Scientific Comms

  • R&D

  • Our data and platforms drive strategy, decision-making and leadership across functions, from R&D to medical and commercial

What our clients say

We work with 18 of the world's top 25 pharmaceutical companies. Here's what they say about us...

  • Pharmaspectra’s data set stands out, but the greatest value comes from their actionable KOL insights and measurement which have made a difference for even my most experienced teams.
    Holly Schachner Former Chief Medical Officer, Allergan Specialty Medicine
  • The breadth and depth of the data that Pharmaspectra provides, allows evidence-based decision-making across all medical functions
    Charles Hugh-Jones CEO Volastra Therapeutics
  • In pediatrics and rare diseases, there are few very relevant experts. Publications inform on experts from a few years ago, but meeting abstracts can help identifications a few months ahead. In this way, Pharmaspectra’s data provides unique support.
    Frank Tennigkeit Pediatric & Rare Disease Development Lead, UCB


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