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Pharmaspectra Experts offers the most comprehensive profiles, based on the world’s largest data set, and the fastest, smartest and most intuitive user experience - optimizing your engagement planning, activity preparation and impact.

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Key benefits

Superior TA and KOL understanding, and clear, actionable insights that drive more efficient and impactful engagement.

  • Simply presented

    Data has always been our strong suit, but Pharmaspectra Experts ensures it's quick and easy to understand, thanks to an intuitive design, sharp visuals and smart features that give you clear, actionable insights.

  • Fast loading

    Our modern user interface will get you to the expert lists, profiles and analytics you need in record time.

  • Multiple modules

    Expert profile pages show up to nine modules, displaying over 100 data points and insights - all in a format that's simple to use.


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We deliver global data and analytics with tools that are comprehensive, credible and compliant

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