Rare Disease webinar

Wednesday October 26th 2022 – 12pm EST, 6pm CETCLICK TO REGISTER ATTENDANCE

For those working in rare diseases, they’ll recognize the critical relevance of engaging with the right global experts to share specialized scientific knowledge and developments. But how can they be sure they’re discovering all of these relevant Thought Leaders, enabling an optimal engagement plan to be built?

In our forthcoming webinar, our three experts will focus on what makes identification and engagement in rare diseases different. They will also discuss the need for new approaches and methodologies to expand the network of potential caregivers in order to enhance earlier diagnosis, ultimately leading to improved care for rare disease patients.

Join Pharmaspectra’s Chief Medical Officer, David Kelaher, and VP Medical Affairs Joseph Laudano, as they talk through a real-life success story with Medical Affairs Scientist, Rare Diseases for Pfizer, Canada, Nikky Oladunmoye in what’s set to be an insightful webinar.

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