A world of content, in context

Medmeme has been featured this week in GEN – Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News!

It is an in-depth interview with Medmeme’s CEO, Mahesh Naithani, who describes the particular challenges the pharmaceutical industry has in terms of accessing the right data, the unique ability of our data and products to meet those challenges, and where Medmeme is goes from here:

A World of Content, in Context

Medmeme amasses, organizes Pharma content and helps reveal meaningful connections

“Content is king, but context is God,” Mahesh Naithani, CEO and founder of competitive intelligence company Medmeme, says, quoting digital marketer Gary Vaynerchuk. “Content without context is useless or, worse, counterproductive.” Medmeme provides the pharmaceutical industry with both content and context: aggregating data from scientific and medical meetings and journals throughout the world to provide a continuum of thought from research through commercialization. Most importantly, this data is compiled in a single format in one, easily searchable database.

According to Naithani, Pharma is faced with two key questions:

  • Can I save time?
  • Can I make money faster?

Getting to a “yes” for either question isn’t as easy as many people in Pharma may believe. “People think if they collect enough data they can solve the problem,” Naithani explains. “But if that data isn’t relevant and precise, it’s not useful.” 

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