Pharmaspectra and doctor evidence team up to combine leading congress data with leading AI search technology

Doctor Evidence and Pharmaspectra have formed an alliance where Pharmaspectra’s datahub, Insightmeme® global Congress data captured from monitoring over 18,000 meetings per year will be offered in Doctor Evidence’s powerful search platform, DOC Search®.

Medical search engines typically focus on academically published knowledge, leaving large amounts of proprietary data and gray literature sources unexplored. Now the integration of Insightmeme’s data into the DOC Search platform will connect all the meeting data in the world to a harmonized database of unstructured publications, real-world evidence, key opinion leader authoring activities, and news, as well as structured information from, Structured Product Labeling (SPLs), and more. Users will be able to comprehensively explore the largest volume of available medical literature accessible in the market and leverage powerful Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to generate meaningful insights.

Jez Moulding, Chief Executive Officer of Pharmaspectra says, “Pharmaspectra has aggregated the world’s largest collection of global medical science for the pharmaceutical industry. Our data lake has nearly 50% more data than traditional data providers, sourcing grants, patents, clinical trials, meeting abstracts, publication abstracts and treatment guidelines from around the world. We are delighted to partner with Doctor Evidence to provide a unified platform for both literature and congress data. This will allow our clients to identify and solve some of the leading challenges the industry faces. We are excited to build upon this partnership and continue to offer client relevant solutions.”

“This new partnership between Doctor Evidence and Pharmaspectra represents the culmination of 15 years of cutting-edge software development,” added Robert Battista MBA, FRSPH, FRCP Edin, CEO of Doctor Evidence, “DOC Search empowers our customers to independently conduct rigorous rapid reviews, identify novel thought leaders, and continuously monitor personalized surveillance feeds by applying the best search technology to one of the largest biomedical literature databases in the world. This alliance is an important step in realizing our vision of a flexible and scalable platform for continuous rapid assessments across the entire evidence landscape.”

About Pharmaspectra:

Pharmaspectra, established in 2005, has accumulated the world’s largest most comprehensive, continuously updated and integrated online repository of disseminated medical science information. Pharmaspectra’s Insightmeme has the world’s largest collection of medical meeting information in the world containing scientific meeting abstracts and publication abstracts from collected from monitoring over 18,000 meetings and complete PubMed listings. Insightmeme’s focus on meetings offers a significant advantage over journal abstracts by bringing conference abstracts as soon as they are released, and offers four times the data available in traditional medical literature databases. Pharmaspectra combines these unique data resources with industry leading disambiguation technology to provide pharmaceutical companies with the tools they need to track, understand and interpret the scientific landscape.

About Doctor Evidence:

Doctor Evidence, established in 2004, delivers unparalleled healthcare technology solutions with its uniquely comprehensive software platform. Doctor Evidence’s DOC Search® platform enables users to reliably conduct rapid evidence reviews, identify trends and gaps, and generate valuable insights across a massive harmonized repository biomedical literature, clinical trials, news and other key data sources to meet the requirements of critically appraising the medical literature. DOC Search is powered by over a decade of robust ontology system incorporating all major clinical taxonomies, automatically employing all relevant synonyms to maximize the recall and precision of a search. The intuitive User Interface employs best-in-class Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing, while maintaining accurancy and transparency as a top priority. Doctor Evidence is leading the digital transformation of data curation and synthesis, empowering client organizations to instantly identify, assess, and analyze medical data. Doctor Evidence solutions include 3 main product pillars, DOC Label, DOC Search and DOC Analytics, combined together will fully support any organization’s evidence intelligence needs.